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Akiba, R., Ermakov, A.I., and Militzer, B.  

Submitted to Planetary Science Journal, 2021, arXiv 2105.02790.

Cartwright, R.J., Beddingfield, C.B., Nordheim, T.A., Elder, C.M., Castillo-Rogez, J.C., Neveu, M., Bramson, A.M., Sori, M.M., Buratti, B.J., Pappalardo, R.T., Roser, J.E., Cohen, I.J., Leonard, E.J., Ermakov, A.I., Showalter, M.R., Grundy, W.M., Turtle, E.P., and Hofstadter, M.D.

in press, Planetary Science Journal, 2021.

Internal structure of Vesta and Ceres

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